Pallet conveyors and turntables

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Pallet conveyors and turntables

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Pallet conveyors

The Storcan pallet conveyor is a precise and efficient means of transportation. It can support heavy loads and can accumulate many pallets without back pressure thanks to an automated system. The conveyor is designed to be used with a depalletizer or palletizer and can be fitted with chains or rollers. In addition, the system allows transportation of pallets in both directions and can be fitted with a rotary table for a transfer angle of 90°. This wide range of features make the pallet conveyor a highly compatible system for all applications in the food, packaging and industrial sectors.


Automatic rotating turntable

The rotary tables can be pneumatic or motorized, depending on whether it is designed to transport, rotate or change the orientation of the pallets in one direction or in both. Just like our pallet conveyors, our automatic turntables are compatible with food, packaging and industrial applications.


High-specification features

All rollers are driven for optimal load movement. The gear motor and serrated wheel provide positive rotation at all times. Our pallet conveyors and turntables are available in painted or stainless-steel and can easily be integrate with other equipment on your production line. Contact us to transform your pallet handling operations with our efficient and low maintenance solutions.