Inspection and identification

We necessarily have the inspection equipment that will help you meet your production obligations and meet your quality and efficiency goals:

Base inspection

The base of a bottle is easily scratched or shattered. Thorough inspection of both the inside and outside of an empty container base prevents faulty packaging and contaminated product from reaching the market.

Fill level inspection

Fill level inspection systems use a number of technologies to avoid under and overfill issues. Gamma fill level inspection measures gamma absorption rates and works with all types of products and containers. X ray inspection is only radioactive during operation and subject to fewer regulations. Optical fill level inspection using laser technology can be applied to paper, plastic and glass containers. The absence of radioactivity makes it ideal for the food industry. Transparent bottles can be inspected using a CCD camera sensor with software to measure the fill level through backlight measurement. This system can be upgraded to include closure inspection.

Cap inspection

We offer precise cap inspection systems with electromagnetic or laser proximity sensors. Overhead container analysis is compared with system setup measurements, providing production monitoring and statistical analysis for production process improvement. 

Label inspection

Our highly accurate and reliable label inspection system monitors label presence, positioning, verification and OCR/OCV code testing through image processing software.

Bottle format detection

Our bottle format detection solution uses a fast ccd image processing system and adjusts to minimal gaps in the bottle flow and conveyor speed variations.

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