Metal Detector for conveyor application


It can be easily integrated into existing food production lines and allows to create customized solutions thanks to the variable sizes and configurations.


This all-in-one system consists of a metal detector with an integrated modular plastic belt conveyor and an optional reject system.

It is designed to inspect bulk or packaged, dry or wet, products in the harsh environments of the food industry.

Industrial Metal Detector Features:

  • Allows the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic particles with very high sensitivity,
  • Rugged construction and high quality components ensure minimal maintenance, 24/7 operation and reduced downtime costs,
  • High resistance to parasites, practically insensitive to vibrations, shocks and temperature variations,
  • Intuitive control, easy to use,

Characteristics of the Mat Top type conveyor system:

  • The specific design of the conveyor ensures the stability of the metal detector and improves the detection performance,
  • Flexible and easy to maintain, designed to resist the intrusion of moisture, dust and contaminants,
  • The modular plastic belt, generally made of polymer or acetal, is very resistant and requires little maintenance,
  • The sanitary version withstands rigorous washing practices, ideal for the transport of raw foods in humid environments,

In general, the conveyor metal detector comes with a retractable conveyor with a reject system with 2 options: the rejected product falls on another conveyor to be directed to another line or in a bin to be thrown away.

Types od detected products:

  • Broken knives or blades
  • Machine breakdown
  • Equipment clamps
  • Plastics
  • Glass fragments
  • Small stones




Stainless steel 304 #4 11ga bolted structure


Keltech or SEW Eurodrive (voltage to be determined)


Modular Plastic Belt

Included Basic Components

Include Food Grade White Bearings

Stainless Steel Sprocket

Include a lube system for belt

Sealed bearings with plastic covers, 4 bolt flange type, 1¼" bore.


Sensors, Top covers, Guides (Adjustable or fix)

Metal Detector

Case dimensions

Can process cases 6 to 19" wide, 8 to 32" long and 6 to 18" high


Up to 180 feet per minute depending on speed and product length


304 stainless steel

Protection Class


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