Tray Former and Packer

Tray forming and packing in the food and bottling industries require both speed and flexibility. Storcan offers tray forming that can handle high speeds of up to 40 TPM while still offering easy operation for quick size adjustments when needed. And our fully automated modular tray packing machines can be tailored to offer a customized solution that simplifies production, operation and maintenance.

Tray former

You can count on Storcan for fully automated tray erectors that can form a wide range of trays, from breaker and column style trays to MUB or 4 corner trays. Our engineers will come up with the perfect answer to your specific application. They know how to integrate the ideal tray former in your production line with consideration for reliability, flexibility, space saving constraints and maximum output. Special equipment and efficient solutions for fresh produce and agricultural applications are also at hand. Our heavy-duty equipment is built to cope with round-the-clock operation.

Tray packer

Fully automatic tray packing becomes a reality with a servo tray packer from Storcan. Starwheel turners can change orientation, limiting the need for extra space consuming conveyors and ensuring proper alignment before loading. Different infeed systems and shrink bundling can be integrated for a complete solution with a limited footprint. Automation can be increased even further with optional remote fault diagnostics.


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