For meat and poultry manufacturers, Storcan offers and integrates specific innovative solutions that improve the handling of raw and packaged products, the speed of the production flow, the ergonomics of the workstations, while ensuring the strict food safety standards of that sector. International clients as well as smaller growing companies have already trusted us for their projects.

We can design a complete new line or improve an existing line while respecting the environmental constraints of this sector.


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Grading - Weighing - Sorting main

Grading - Weighing - Sorting

Innovative, intelligent and easy-to-maintain solutions for rapid grading and sorting, monitoring of production data and full traceability of the production cycle of raw or packaged meat or poultry


Products Inspection main

Products Inspection

Flexible and adaptable solutions for detecting metals or contaminants in meats and poultry, ranging from a simple shutdown system in the event of contaminant detection to fully automated detection and rejection systems.

Deep-Freezing Spiral main

Deep-Freezing Spiral

Innovative and flexible technology for freezing meat or poultry. The advantage of the spiral shape is to provide the longest conveyor length for a limited floor area.

 Conveyor system main

Conveyor system

To transport raw or packaged meat / poultry, we manufacture or distribute a wide range of conveyor systems

Handling Solutions  main

Handling Solutions

Solutions to divide, combine or elevate your packaged products on your production line.

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Case study #1

How to transport heavy crates in a secure sanitary environment?

Problem / Situation:

  • New factory
  • Labour challenge in the meat industry therefore significant need for automation
  • The equipment must be very sanitary
  • Must work with other suppliers to meet important installation and delivery deadlines

Storcan solution:

  • Hytrol crate Zero pressure accumulation conveyor,
  • 90-degree pneumatic transfer Storcan conveyor,
  • Crate elevator solution Prorunner mk5 of Qimarox,
  • Production possible up to very high speed 4000 totes / hr,
  • Conveyors are washdown and on floor supports with a height of 12 feet to facilitate movement
  • 8 pop-up system to feed 2 lines each (16 total)


  • Customer very satisfied with the facilities and equipment quality,
  • Simplifies and makes work for the workforce much safer,
  • This client is now looking to copy the solution in his other facilities,
  • The equipment installed allows future progression without the need to buy other equipment.