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Box Vertical Elevator


Ideal for easily transporting trays, cardboard boxes and crates at different heights in your line.


Continuous vertical conveyor

The Prorunner mk5 continuous vertical conveyor offers a maximum capacity of 2000 products/hour and is particularly versatile.

An energy-efficient product, it can be used to effortlessly and quickly transport a wide variety of products vertically, without the risk of product deformation.

Discontinuous vertical conveyor

The compact vertical discontinuous conveyor, Prorunner mk1, requires minimal maintenance and its steel structure is extremely robust.

By using a flat belt, this system is completely silent, requires very little maintenance and needs no lubrication. Compact, it can be used in almost any factory configuration.

This system can easily hoist boxes, trays or bags weighing up to 75 kg with a maximum capacity of approximately 360 movements per hour.

The Prorunner 12 excels in positioning accuracy, rigidity and high capacity.
The machine column can be fitted with a secondary carrier which is individually driven. Each can be equipped with a roller conveyor or a platform for an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles or AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots).


Prorunner mk5

  • Infeed height: 676 mm (29.53")
  • Outfeed height: 2500 mm (98.43") - max. approx. 20 mtr (66')
  • Column height: 3000 mm (127.95") - max. approx. 20 mtr (66')
  • Product weight: max. 50 kg per carrier (110 lbs)
  • Product size: 225mm x W x 50mm (8.86" x W x 2") - max. 600mm x 610mm x H (23.6" x 24" x H)
  • Drive system: SEW 0.37 kW
  • Capacity: 1 carrier for 200 products per hour (add other conveyors for higher capacities)
  • Securyfence Safety Fencing H=2120 mm (83.47")
  •  Pitch Product Carrier 75 mm (2.95")

Prorunner mk1

  • Infeed height: 670 mm (minimum 360 mm)
  • Outfeed height: 2,600 mm (up to 11 metres)
  • Column height: 3,000 mm
  • Drive: SEW 0,55 kW
  • Capacity: up to 360 p/hour
  • Required surface: 500 x 900 mm

Prorunner PR12

  • Lowest position of the PR12: 200 mm 
  • Highest position of the PR12: 2.300 mm (up to 23.300 mm)
  • Column height: 24.000 mm
  • Drive: Servo motor with resolver and mechanical brake
  • Product weight: max. 150 kg per carrier (can be increased by 75 kg by choosing for a HD* edition - max. 225 kg per carrier)
  • Product size: 850 x 700
  • Maximum speed = 2 meter a second
  • Required surface single carrier: 966 x 1125 mm
  • Required surface double carrier: 1.125 x 1.932 

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