Filler and Capper


The EXACTA range is one of the most recent innovations in the packaging market for liquid and viscous products. It offers a set of ideal filling solutions for industrial applications with many advantages such as

  • Flexibility,
  • Easy-of-use,
  • Rapid change-over,
  • Automatic washing in place (CIP-SIP).

The dosing technology is based on the use of 2 types of flowmeters:

  • Inductive Magnetic type (volumetric filling)
  • Mass flow meter (weight / mass filling)

Two technologies with many advantages, such as very high filling precision.


The SIRIO range meets a large number of applications for different types of capping, the main characteristics of which are:

  • Mechanical structure entirely in stainless steel 304,
  • Rotary turrets equipped with 4 to 30 capping heads for speeds up to 600cpm,
  • All of the components necessary for the bottle and cap format change-over operations are fitted with quick unlock devices: no tool is necessary to replace them
  • A control system guarantees the perfect positioning of the cap on the bottle.

The EXACTA AND SIRIO ranges can be supplied as an independent machine or integrated in a monobloc.

To complete your solution, find the Bottle Unscrambling & Orienting System HERE.

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