From depalletization to the process and then to packaging, Storcan designs and integrates innovative conveyor systems and equipment for juice, soft drinks, water and tea, whether in bottles or cans. International clients as well as smaller growing companies have already trusted us for their projects.
We have a long experience in designing and installing a complete production line or modifying an existing line, according to your specific needs and your environmental constraints.

Process, Premix and Pasteurization main

Process, Premix and Pasteurization

Solutions for the manufacture of fruit juices, nectar, soft drinks and syrups

Rinsing, Filling and Capping main

Rinsing, Filling and Capping

Automated system for rinsing, filling and closing bottles and cans


Conveyor System main

Conveyor System

To transport bottles or cans or boxes, we manufacture or distribute a wide range of conveyor systems

Handling System main

Handling System

Solutions to divide, combine or elevate your bottles and cans on your production line

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Case study #1

Water bottling line

Insufficient discharge capacity of water bottles.

Storcan’s solution
Installation of a new aerated bottle reject conveyor to increase rejection capacity and minimize the occupancy of floor space.

  • Conveyor design and manufacturing.
  • Installation by a an experienced team.
  • Delivery on time and on budget.
  • Step by step project follow-up.


  • Bottle discharge capacity has increased substantially.
  • Client is satisfied with the efficiency of the conveyor as well as the quality of construction of the equipment installed.

Case study #2

Energy drink bottling line

Multiple formats of cans and bottles needed to be produced simultaneously on high speed production lines.

Storcan’s solution
Design and provide a full bottling line solution including five new bottling conveyor lines.

  • High quality conveyors including a table top conveyor, a pallet conveyor and a spiral crate conveyor.
  • Brand new control room for the lines.
  • Close follow-up by our experienced project management team.
  • Mechanical assistance during lines installation and upon bottling lines start-up.


  • Production capacity of the plant has significantly increased.
  • No more product that fall on the production lines.
  • Better regularization of the lines controls.
  • Client has become the largest energy juice bottling company in North America, and their beverages are all produced on Storcan’s production lines.