Finding the ideal palletizer for your production line depends on many variables. Automatic conventional palletizers can provide speed and precision stacking with each layer perfectly compressed and squared. Robotic palletizers have a smaller footprint, and with fewer components, they require less maintenance. But speed depends on the type of product, and they also require a trained operator. For simple palletizing processes, compact systems or gantry systems can be the optimal answer to your needs. Our engineers can assist you in developing a solution that will give you the best return on your investment and reduce your operational costs.

High level palletizers

With one or more high level infeed conveyors, high level palletizers offer the advantage of high speed on mobile pallets. They will automatically adapt to different product sizes. Single or double pushers can deliver perfect layer forming for column stacks that optimize compression strength and prevent overhanging. For flexible packaging such as bags and units of different sizes, a hybrid solution with a robot can deliver perfect squaring and overlapping.

Low level palletizers

A low-level palletizer allows medium speed loading at floor level with the advantage of easier maintenance and without the need for an inspection platform. Your system can be equipped with one, two or even multiple infeeds, and a single or double pusher can be upgraded with a robotic loader, all depending on the nature of the goods to be loaded on the pallets.

Robotic palletizing station

When dealing with different products and different pallets, an automatic robotic palletizer can be the flexible solution you need. Robots are ideally suited for cases, bundles, bags and poly outers. The head of the robot can be customized for your specific application, and depending on the products, high loading speeds can be achieved.

Compact palletizing

If automatic palletizing needs to be integrated with a very limited footprint, a compact robotic palletizer or a gantry palletizer can become a viable alternative. Low maintenance, minimized downtime and reliable operation are some of their key features. Let our engineers help you develop your new pallet loading system or improve your current installation.

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