Integration Services

CONSULTATIONOur sales team and our Solutions department work in close collaboration to analyze the customer's needs and advise them, develop an automated production line layout drawing and offer a budgeted and profitable solution. We travel to the site to better understand the constraints of the environment and understand the customer's specifications. We can conceptualize a whole new production line or modify and add equipment to an existing line.

ENGINEERINGNow that your project has become more concrete and that thanks to the consulting services, we have found a solution for the efficiency needs of your production line, our engineering department takes over to take precise technical measurements on site, concretize and model the customized solution with engineering details and select each technology to integrate. They work closely with our project management department which will take responsibility for managing the project with the customer.

Storcan has its own manufacturing facility where, thanks to solid know-how and years of experience, we create custom conveyor system solutions for the food, bottling and packaging industries; as well as machines such as a crate elevator, container rinser or depalletizer. Our production team performs general and specialized welding and industrial mechanics (assembly, and disassembly).

Storcan distributes conveyors (transport, accumulation, sorting and handling of pallets) and process and packaging machines for the food and bottling sectors. We also offer the sale of replacement parts.

Our project management team will take charge of the projects as soon as the solution is validated. It is essential in the proper functioning of a production line integration company like ours because it will ensure that everything goes well from conceptualization, installation to controls, programming and commissioning of the production line. It is the customer's main contact for the integration of all its equipment and for their training.

Storcan offers a mobile after-sales service for equipment maintenance and repairs. They work closely with the project management team.