Integration Services

The advantage of the integrator manufacturer

Storcan's strength lies in its ability to integrate complete production lines in food, bottling and packaging. We are able to offer all integration services within our structure.

  • Design and conceptualize the production line
  • Manufacture conveyor systems (or other systems)
  • Represent different equipment manufacturers
  • Install and start up the line
  • Provide spare parts and after-sales service
  • Ensure effective project management from start to finish
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Our Sales and Solutions departments work in close collaboration to analyze your needs and offer you the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

We travel to your production site to understand your environmental constraints and understand what makes your project unique (type and format of product and container). We can design a complete new production line or modify / add equipment to your existing line.

This step consists of:

  • Develop the 2D layout drawing of the automated production line with specific and innovative systems and equipment
  • Offer a detailed solution with all the technicalities of each equipment
  • Develop a budgeted and profitable solution
  • Analyze the return on investment (ROI)
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Now that your project is more concrete, the engineering department takes over:

  • Technical analysis and measurement on the site
  • 3D modeling of the solution
  • Selection of each technology to integrate

They work closely with our Project Management department, which will ensure the proper execution of the project according to the client's specific deadlines and needs.

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Storcan has its own manufacturing facility since its creation in 1976. With our solid know-how and years of experience, we can create innovative solutions, which meets the current needs.

Our expertise is:

  • Conveyor system (food, bottling and packaging sectors)
  • Machinery (crate elevator, rinser, depalletizer and others)

The strength of our production team is in industrial mechanics: disassembly and assembly.

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Storcan works with many manufacturers selected on the quality of their equipment and their service. With them, we build long-term partnership, based on mutual trust.

The distribution service allows us to be able to integrate complete lines and offer custom equipment for:

  • Conveyor systems,
  • Equipment for processing food or drink,
  • Packaging machines and palletizing system.
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Project Management and Integration

Our Project Management department manages your project as soon as the solution is validated. His role is to ensure that everything runs well through all stages of the project, from the technical design to the start-up of the new automated line, including two important stages for a rapid and efficient start-up of your automated production line:

Mechanical installation

  • On-site travel to install and integrate new equipment according to the layout plan,
  • Management of the start-up and mechanical adjustments on site, if necessary
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Controls and Programming

We help you control and automate your equipment:

  • Definition of communication needs and interactions between the existing process and the new solution,
  • Design, installation, and programming of networks (electrical, PAC-PLC-HMI controllers, operator interfaces), vision systems, photocells, etc.
  • Integration of new interfaces into the customer's existing network,
  • Support for adapting and updating the existing process, if necessary,
  • Control of automation processes during start-up,
  • Complete description of the operation of the machine at the complete line.
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After-Sale Service

We offer a fast and efficient after-sales service, always attentive to the needs of the customer:

  • Recommendation and sale of spare-parts list to ensure effective maintenance of the solution,
  • Remote or on-site diagnostics to manage mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical breakdowns,
  • Deployment of technicians to repair equipment and adjust, if necessary, the automation process,
  • Warranty management.

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