Storcan designs and integrates innovative and custom production line solutions for the hygienic handling of raw and packaged food products, suitable for cheese and dairy manufacturers. We can design and install a complete production line or modify an existing line, according to your specific needs and your environmental constraints.

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Products Inspection main

Products Inspection

Flexible and adaptable solutions for detecting metals or contaminants in dairy products, ranging from a simple shutdown system in the event of contaminant detection to fully automated detection and rejection systems.

Cooling and Deep-Freezing Spiral main

Cooling and Deep-Freezing Spiral

Innovative and flexible technology for cooling yogurt and cheese and freezing ice cream. The advantage of the spiral shape is to provide the longest conveyor length for a limited floor area.

Bagging HFFS/VFFS main


A multitude of solutions for bagging cheese

Conveyor System main

Conveyor System

To transport unpackaged raw cheese, bagged cheese, yogourts, ice cream jars or boxes, we manufacture or distribute a wide range of conveyor systems.

Handling System main

Handling System

Solutions for dividing, combining or raising your packaged dairy products on your production line

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Case study

Cheese processing line

The existing conveyor line is not efficient, and this increases the cost of operations and decreases the production capacity.

Storcan’s solution
Design and provide a brand new conveyor line.

  • Sanitary and safe conveyor design reaching the highest industry standards.
  • Factory acceptance testing before delivery.
  • Mechanical assistance during factory installation and upon production line start-up.


  • Production capacity has increased and operating costs have decreased.
  • Improved operator circulation around the line.
  • Conveyor construction makes them more sanitary.
  • Conveyor construction makes them safer and more accessible for mechanical maintenance.