Air Conveyor


The Storcan air conveyor helps transport lightweight plastic bottles that might tip over on traditional conveyor lines.


Our air conveyors can accommodate plastic bottles with different neck sizes ranging from 250 ml to 2.5 liters.

A safe conveying system:

The bottles are held by the neck and transported at high speed and safely by the overhead rail system. The sections are modular to facilitate their integration. The air distribution and power, developed by our specially designed air chamber, provides optimal speed to the bottles

Variable conveyor speed:

The conveyor actually functions as an accumulator. In this way, the flow of bottles is optimized at each of the different stages of production. The integration of different conveyor modules to go up, down or turn makes this solution one of the most versatile.

Air conveyor options:

With options of painted steel or stainless steel finishes, adjustable pneumatic guides and HEPA filters, the overhead conveyor can be adapted to different production environments.
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Painted steel, stainless steel


Adjustable guides (pneumatic system)


Automatic accumulation system


Changing and maintaining filters is quick.

HEPA filter available

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