Hytrol 24-Volts accumulation conveyor (190-E24EZ/190-E24EZC)


The non-pressure accumulation conveyor can transport products of different sizes and weights with low consumption.


The 190-E24EZ is a zero-pressure accumulation conveyor with 1.9” rollers powered by a 24 volt DC motor. The photocells (EZ-logic) are also 24v and they take care of disabling the motors when they are in accumulation. They are manufactured in straight (190-E24EZ) and curved (190-E24EZC) versions.

EZ-logic: Intelligent Hytrol photocells that take care of the management of the boxes between the EZ-logic zones and avoid the pressure between the boxes. An I/O module can be added to each zone to communicate with the main panel. Example, this module allows the panel to send a signal to the last zone to tell it when to accumulate or release (Signal = Accumulation). This module can also create a dry contact when it detects a product. Example: detection for more than X second and your panel will be able to close the previous machine.

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