Detection and Rejection

Pneumatic pusher rejector

Pneumatic pusher rejection systems are flexible solutions that can adapt to a variety of products of different materials, shapes and formats on high-speed production lines. The ejection is adjusted to the container mass by a pneumatic pressure regulator. Containers can be safely rejected onto a rejection conveyor. A bin push rejection system can reject containers into a bin, allowing for even higher production speeds of up to 120 000 units per hour. 

Ram pusher rejector

The box-in-a-box rejection system or ram rejection system is suitable for rejecting products in packages and thick bags, cases and cartons requiring a substantial force to remove from the line and products that easily accept the pusher for removal.

Transliner sorting and distribution

The Transliner is a solution that transfers containers smoothly and steadily in a constrained environment. A pneumatic impulse imparts precise direction and speed to the bottles that need to be rejected without impacting adjacent bottles. The acceleration curve is designed to keep containers of any shape or size safe and stable and can be applied to various distribution and sorting applications. 

Brush-off rejection and distribution

A brush-off rejection system uses a rotating displacement body that gives the container to be sorted a defined speed. Regardless of whether the containers are full or empty, whether the belt speed is high or low, the displacement remains the same. The displaced units can be immediately processed for the next operation. All types of glass containers and cans are safely sorted and distributed. The brush-off system offers a reliable rejection solution that is suitable even at higher conveyor speeds without gaps between the containers.

Finger Kicker

The horizontal displacement is synchronized with the movement of the containers and the conveyor speed. Single rejection segments are toggled into the container stream successively moving the corresponding container on the reject conveyor. The intelligent control unit then returns the segments to their original position after each reject procedure.

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