Tunnel pasteurizer


Monobloc structure or modular configuration designed for small and large installations with different thermal cycles: pasteurization, cold or hot.


Tunnel pasteurizers are designed for products that have already been filled in container. Monobloc structures are for smaller installations and modular configurations for larger installations.

Different thermal cycles are offered:

  • Pasteurization tunnel for the treatment of beer, juices, wines and preserves,
  • Cooling Tunnel to lower the temperature of hot-filled products “Hot Fill”,
  • Heating tunnel to adjust the containers filled at low temperature to the ambient temperature. Usually sparkling wines or soft drinks.

The layout and design facilitate maintenance and cleaning operations:

  • The self-bearing structure containing the treatment tanks and the distribution piping is made of stainless steel, single-deck or multi-deck for the largest surfaces.
  • The ceilings can be easily removed for maintenance operations,
  • Control valves, exchangers, circulating pumps and gear-motors are installed on the external side of the tunnel,

The excellent energy performance is ensured by the use of special spray nozzles which require low hydraulic heads, and thanls to the thermal recovery combined to the low quantity of water contained in the inertial basins

Possibility of selecting an endless number of production recipes, register the process data and intervening immediatelyon any anomalies thanks to the Scada and Teleservice system.

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