Bottle Unscrambling & Orienting Systems

Bottle Unscrambling & Orienting Systems main

The bottle and orientation range is offered in different sizes and configurations to meet the highest demand on the market. The main features are:

  • Robust mechanical construction, entirely in stainless steel, suitable to absorb the common “stress” typical of these contexts (deformed bottles, foreign bodies coming from the packaging, etc.),
  • Highly flexible and able to handle a very diverse range of sizes and bottle profiles,
  • Simplified tool-less bottle format change-over operation featuring robust quick-release features,
  • All of the motor speed settings, machine feature selections and timing settings are accessible through the operator’s HMI panel.

All machines can be offered with these additional systems:

  • Bottle elevators with small to large capacity bulk hoppers,
  • Vacuum assisted bottle transport conveyors,
  • De-puckers to remove bottles from pucks,
  • Lane combiner systems for pucks delivered from multiple directions.

To complete your solution, find the Filler and Capper systems HERE.

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