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Are you looking to improve your existing food processing line, or installing a new one?

Storcan can help you achieve your efficiency targets. Our professionals, uniquely qualified and experienced in all things related to food processing lines, can work hand in hand with your team, or take up your entire project. Contact us, we would love to hear about your production line project!

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  • Needs analysis
  • Equipment recommendation
  • Layout development
  • Costing proposal
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  • On-site technical analysis
  • Design plan & modeling
  • Adjustments & personalization
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  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Equipment integration
  • Training
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  • Equipment maintenance
  • Warranties management
  • Spare parts order

Business cases

Read how Storcan's solutions make a difference in daily operations.

Type of project
Food processing line (cheese)

The existing conveyor line is not efficient, and this increases the cost of operations and the production capacity.

Storcan’s solution
Design and provide a brand new conveyor line.
-Sanitary and safe conveyor design reaching the highest industry standards.
-Factory acceptance testing before delivery.
-Mechanical assistance during factory installation and upon production line start-up.

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