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TOPSYL was conceived to offer an extra hygiene protection for consumers and a promotion tool for corporate marketing, without interfering with the production process and processes of beverage companies.

The system consists of a machine which fixes the TOPSYL on the spool.
It is a heat-sealed aluminum sheet fixed without the use of glues or any other material, for the benefit of hygiene, profitability and 100% recyclability of the materials.


  • Protects the cans as soon as they are filled, safeguarding the product, the consumer and the producer,
  • Stop mould and bacteria,
  • Adapted to all production layouts and working on cans of any size,
  • Additional space for marketing promotion on the top of the can,
  • Tested for immersion in water and ice and high temperature resistance, up to 60 ° C, it is therefore possible to distribute cans in “hot” or “cold” vending machines,
  • Ecological and 100% recyclable,

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