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Retractable conveyor


Storcan retractable conveyor allows you to change product at 90° or leave a passage in critical areas while maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your production line.


Retractable conveyor, also called retracting conveyor and retracting tail can retract or extend, manually or pneumatically and usually on slides or on rails. It can be used in several ways:

• Rejection: He can reject non-compliant products, if they are contaminated or if they do not correspond to aesthetic standards. Products can also be rejected if they fail an inspection test, such as the metal detector. Defective product is rejected by a retractable tail which allows it to fall onto another conveyor or into a bin for retrieval.

• Deposit: He can also deposit products on a tray or on another conveyor; simply by depositing the product according to a precise and exact layout.

• Product transport: A retractable conveyor can be used to transport products to several lines.

• Stacking: Retractable conveyors can also be used for stacking. Once the product reaches the end of the conveyor, a sensor triggers tail retraction within seconds, allowing the product to drop onto a cart under the retractable tail. This whole process is repeated when stacking the product. This retractable conveyor saves a lot of time as it allows the company to perform the stacking process automatically.

• Passage: This type of conveyor can be used to pass heavy and bulky products.



11ga 304 #4 stainless steel


Tubular stainless steel


SEW Eurodrive or Keltech


Standard 4 holes

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