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X-Ray inspection System

X-Ray inspection System main X-Ray inspection System main X-Ray inspection System main X-Ray inspection System main X-Ray inspection System main X-Ray inspection System main X-Ray inspection System main

Compatible foods

  • Meat and sausage
  • Bread and baked goods
  • Cheese and Dairy
  • Canned, Frozen and Prepared foods
  • Dough products
  • Nuts, dried fruits, vegetables
  • Spices
  • Snacks, cookies, crakers
  • Sweets
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X-ray inspection evaluates an X-Ray image to find contamination in a product.  This allows for the detection of a larger assortment of contamination types, from metals to bone.


The system consists of these main components:

  • X-ray tubes: Tubes electrically generate the x-ray beams. The beam exits through a small slit and passes through the product, layer by layer from the bottom up.
  • X-ray beam
  • Transport system: A self-driven flat belt made from PE transports the products evenly through the x-ray beam. This makes it possible to capture every layer of the product.
  • Detector unit: The linear detector is installed above the inspection opening and converts the incoming x-ray beams into an electric signal from which an x-ray image is generated.
  • Industrial PC: Here, the image is analyzed, and the rejection system is triggered as necessary.

The RAYCON range of Sesotec offers many advantages:

  • No dead angles: In RAYCON devices, the x-ray source is located beneath the conveyor belt. This eliminates dead angles in the inspection of tall products.
  • Flashlight effect: The large distance between the product and the detector makes it possible to detect foreign bodies that are smaller than the resolution of the detector.
  • Auto-learn function: The Auto-Learn function offers a simple and intuitive operation. The configuration of various filters is performed by the device itself, considerably reducing effort on the part of the user. Even the detection sensitivity is automatically adjusted. Auto-learning takes fewer than two minutes for each new product using five product samples.
  • New software features: “Bone Detector,” “Wirefinder,” and “Glass Increaser” are new filters that boost accuracy in the detection of specific contaminants. Also available: Sensitivity prediction (configuring the machine virtually, without test pieces); Integrated Compliance Monitoring for extra safety (automatic controls for standard requirements in 10-minute intervals to minimize errors).
  • Modular build of D+ devices: RAYCON D+ MX and HX have modular builds which allow the systems to be precisely adapted to your production line. They also offer a variety of upgrade possibilities including detectors, cooling devices, conveyance directions, operator panels, rejection units, software features and more.

Radiation Safety

Our RAYCON systems help you avoid recalls due to foreign bodies, protecting your brand from image damage. Thanks to highly effective radiation protection and precision x-ray dosing, RAYCON devices are safe for both people and products.

  • The legal threshold of 1 μSv/a is never surpassed and radiation levels remain significantly beneath this threshold.
  • At the operation panel, for instance, the radiation level is a mere 0.1 μSv/h (measured from the operation side in front of the device).
  • The radiation exposure for products is 100 times lower than the thresholds defined in EU 1999/2/EG.
  • Compatible with organic products.

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