Stretch Wrapper

Stretch wrapping is the final operation before your products leave for your customers. The wrap will protect your goods in your warehouse, during transport, and at your client’s. It defines the first impression your products will make. Whatever the scale of your stretch wrapping needs, Storcan has the best solution to seamlessly integrate the process on your line. From a fully automatic to a semi-automat wrapper or a specialized rotary machine, our solutions come with all the cost-savings, safety and quality benefits you should expect from Storcan.

Wrapper with rotating plartform/ arm / ring

A fast and reliable heavy-duty pallet wrapping system can be easily built into your conveyorized line. These fully automatic machines precisely deliver and adjust the right amount of film. They eliminate wastage and accurately stretch at a standard 260% rate. Precision sensors ensure load safety and wrapping quality. Built from solid steel with long lasting motors and reliable PLC controllers, our rotary tower wrappers offer the ultimate in performance, strength and durability. Turntable versions are also available for standard load types and when floor space is limited.

Stand-alone automatic stretch wrapper

Stand-alone automatic stretch wrappers allow the whole process to be managed remotely by a lift truck operator. The attaching, wrapping and cutting cycles are handled automatically. The process is fast, precise, and delivered consistently while your lift truck operator is already preparing the next pallet. This portable solution can fit exactly where you need it and requires minimal floor space, whether it’s a rotary or turntable system. 

Semi-automatic stretch wrapper

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers will speed up your wrapping process and add efficiency to your line. Load handling times will be drastically reduced. Such a system can also be conveyorized to bring you the advantages of a fully automated wrapper at a fraction of the cost.

Orbital stretch wrapping

For custom applications involving wrapping long products, conveyorized orbital wrapping machines can be configured to your specific needs in small or large ring sizes. They can accommodate a variety of load types with all the advantages that a conventional stretch wrapper wouldn’t be able to deliver for practical reasons. Our engineers can deliver a system that is perfect for your needs and your budget. Call them today.



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