Storcan has strong experience and solid know-how in the creation and installation of production lines for the bakery sector. International clients as well as smaller growing companies have already trusted us for their projects.

We can integrate conveyor systems and specific equipment from the very beginning of the process, from the preparation of the dough to the packaging of the product and its palletization, create a complete line or improve an existing line.

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Food Spiral main

Food Spiral

Innovative and flexible technology for baking, proving dough, cooling or freezing all types of baked goods


Slicing and Bagging main

Slicing and Bagging

A multitude of solutions for cutting breads of all shapes and sizes and bagging breads, cakes, pastries and tortillas

Products Inspection main

Products Inspection

Flexible and adaptable solutions for detecting metals or contaminants in packaged products, ranging from simple shutdown systems in case of contaminant detection to fully automated detection and rejection systems.

Conveyor System main

Conveyor System

To transport unpackaged, wrapped or cardboard bakery products, we manufacture or distribute a wide range of conveyor systems

Handling System main

Handling System

Solutions to divide, combine or elevate your packaged products on your production line.

Depositing - Laminating - Decorating main

Depositing - Laminating - Decorating

To design and work different shapes of pies, quiches, tortillas and cupcakes, we offer different automated solutions.


Industrial Mixer Solutions main

Industrial Mixer Solutions

Special mixers and blenders for different types of dough: bread, croissant, pizza, muffin, biscuit, cake, etc.


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