Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

Did you know?

Before being a full production line integrator, Storcan was founded in 1976 as a conveyor manufacturer. It is with years of experience in this field that we continue to manufacture and distribute conveyor systems for the food, bottling and packaging industries.

We want every customer to find the perfect solution for their needs, which is why our range of products and processes is extensive.

All our solutions are built in our factory in Châteaugay, according to the highest health and quality standards. We can design a complete new line or dismantle and improve an existing conveyor line according to the specific needs of the customer and his environmental constraints.

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Food System Conveyor main

Food System Conveyor

Our innovative conveyor solutions for the food industry improve handling of raw and packaged products, speed of production flow, while meeting strict food safety standards.

Bottling Conveyor System main

Bottling Conveyor System

Storcan Bottling Conveyor Systems are designed to efficiently transport plastic or glass bottles, cans, empty or full containers, on accumulation lines with low friction or Pressurless Single Filer. 

Packaging Conveyor System - Transportation and Accumulation main

Packaging Conveyor System - Transportation and Accumulation

Storcan manufactures and distributes conveyors for various sizes of boxes and cartons and for pallet handling. We offer transport and accumulation solutions recognized for their high quality, reliability and durability.

Packaging Sortation Conveyor System main

Packaging Sortation Conveyor System

Sortation conveyors are designed to sort and send boxes, cartons, crates on other lines. There are several methods depending on your needs and budget.

Handling Conveyor System main

Handling Conveyor System

These conveyor systems are designed to raise or lower boxes and cartons between several levels of conveyors.

Accessories and Handling main

Accessories and Handling

As a manufacturer of conveyor system for the food, beverage and packaging industries, we also provide a large range of accessories and handling conveyor system.

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