Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

Expert since 1976

Storcan has been manufacturing, conceptualizing, installing and commissioning innovative and custom conveyor systems for the food, bottling and packaging industries since 1976.

Our priority remains the same year after year: finding and providing the solution perfectly suited to the needs of each of our customers.

A custom manufacturing respecting the highest quality standards

Our manufacturing is carried out entirely in our factory, located in Châteauguay. Our expertise as well as our wide range of products and processes allow us to offer solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. In addition, we run the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to evaluate equipment during and after the assembly process to ensure it meets necessary specifications.

Our partnerships with other conveyor manufacturers also allow us to expand our offer and offer our customers more complete solutions.

We can thus design a new complete line or dismantle and improve an existing line of conveyors according to the specific needs of our customer and his environmental constraints.

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Food System Conveyor main

Food System Conveyor

Our innovative conveyor solutions for the food industry improve handling of raw and packaged products, speed of production flow, while meeting strict food safety standards.

Bottling Conveyor System main

Bottling Conveyor System

Storcan Bottling Conveyor Systems are designed to efficiently transport plastic or glass bottles, cans, empty or full containers, on accumulation lines with low friction or Pressurless Single Filer. 

Conveyor system for boxes, crates and pallets main

Conveyor system for boxes, crates and pallets

We offer transport, accumulation and sorting solutions recognized for their high quality, reliability and durability. Systems manufactured in our factory in Châteauguay or by our partners.

 Sorting, lifting and orientation systems main

Sorting, lifting and orientation systems

These handling conveyor systems are designed to handle different containers: sorting before a palletizing system, going up or down between several levels, etc. Several solutions are available to you depending on your space, your flow or type of container.

Accessories and Handling main

Accessories and Handling

As a manufacturer of conveyor system for the food, beverage and packaging industries, we also provide a large range of accessories and handling conveyor system.

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