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Case erecting, forming and sealing equipment can be fully automatic or semi-automatic when adapted to case packing lines. From assessing which option is best for your particular needs, to efficiently integrating packaging units on your production line, Storcan’s engineers can help you optimize efficiency and improve uptime.

Integrated former, packer and sealer systems

We have fully and semi-automated solutions to form, pack and seal at the end of your production line with a range of equipment that can be managed by a single operator. Increase your productivity and maximize floorspace thanks to our modular systems. With options such as tape sealer or glue-based air and dust-tight static compression systems, we know how to cater to any particular setting.

Case former and erector

When integrating a case former and erector on your line, efficiency and uptime are your prime considerations. While avoiding repetitive strain injuries at your production unit is important, case formers and erectors should not come with issues such as recurring jams and more downtime. Our fully automatic solutions use patented systems to improve reliability. We also offer semi-automatic options that combine efficiency with ease of operation.

Case sealing options

Tightly butted top flaps are the trademark of any efficient case sealing job. Pressure sensitive tape sealers as provided by Storcan will protect your wares during transportation and handling. And if you require hot melt glue sealing, a heavy-duty drive system will ensure the shape and alignment of your cases is never compromised. Easy maintenance, installation and longevity are standard features on our top and bottom sealers. At Storcan, we know all the challenges that come with the life-cycle of every component on your production line. So, get in touch with our experts to develop a solution that delivers on all fronts.



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