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mars 29, 2022

What are the advantages of a Tecnopool freezing spiral?

What are the advantages of a Tecnopool freezing spiral?

Initial situation

• Our client, an industrial bakery of international stature, needed to freeze its bread at high industrial speed: 3456 kg per hour or 5400 units per hour.

• The client did not have a lot of space and needed to find a flexible solution to have the possibility of future expansion.

Storcan Solution

Following the analysis of the situation with our experts, we selected and integrated an innovative and unique solution on the market, the freezing spiral, from our partner Tecnopool. This technology uses a patented conveyor system, T-WORTH, in stainless steel, very resistant and easy to clean, ideal for the food sector.

This unique freezing system has many advantages such as:

• Good preservation of the natural aromas, colors and flavors of the products,

• Simple control panel,

• Sequential defrosting for continuous production,

• Optimized airflow,

• Reduces energy consumption,

• Quick and easy maintenance.

We installed the spiral with modular Mat-Top belt conveyors, at the infeed and outfeed, manufactured in our factory in Châteauguay.

Final situation :

• Saving and optimization of their space: 461 m of belt using only 41' long X 30' wide X 16’ high. Thus, the customer still has enough space to be able to make additions to his current line.

• The customer has a high-speed, better quality, sanitary and energy-saving freezing line.