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avril 20, 2021

How to choose the good integrator for your project?

How to choose the good integrator for your project?

Now that your internal need is defined to improve your existing production line or create a complete new line, it is time to make an important and strategic decision: to choose the right integrator. Here are our 3 recommendations:

  • Attractive and complete website: integration services offered (Consultation, Autocad / 3D design, project management, Fat test, ROI, Commissioning,After-Sales Services, etc.), the list of equipment it offers, the customers with whom they have worked, etc

  • Business Health: It is important to study the health of a systems integrator. How long have they been around? Are they expanding? Do they have any recommendations for a similar solution? Are their clients long term or do they have a long list of "one and done" clients? You wouldn't hire a company to do work for you that hasn't done a similar project for someone else, you need to look for know-how, in-depth industry expertise and skills that they can show you before.

  • Strong and available key resources (Human/Equipment/Technology): Does the integrator you are looking for have the structural capacity to carry out your project? Do they have enough people on their team to work on your project on time? Can she provide you with a clear plan with a precise roadmap? You don’t want to contract with a company only to find out that they can’t really work on your project under optimal conditions. For sure, you need a company that provides you with a project plan that includes a roadmap to success with regular communication that keeps you informed and involved.

As an integration expert, Storcan knows what companies need to bring their project to completion under the best conditions.