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novembre 30, 2021

How to adapt the conveyor system around a whole new packaging system?

How to adapt the conveyor system around a whole new packaging system?

Initial situation
Since we are all moving towards a plastic free world for the environment, our clients are often changing some old habits to help in the best way they can. In this situation, the client changed a big part of his production equipment to replace plastic for carton in the packaging stations. Since Storcan and this customer worked together two years before in a very successful project they contacted us without hesitation for this new project. 

Storcan Solution
To be able to adapt to different type of product and bring the products safely to the end line, Storcan offered after many on site visits and meeting with the client, Tabletop conveyor stainless-steel chain 3 ¼ & Mat top conveyor Modular Plastic Belt to make sure the product stays in the best possible condition while being transported from station to station.

We also installed 2 Ambaflex Spirals to easily transport from different heights the product  and the ARB Sorter S7000 conveyor to accurately control the boxes. Which was by far the best solution for quality and durability.

Once the 2D industrial design has been validated,, Storcan offered once its intergration service 360  with project management and installation who followed the projects until the very end.

Not only the conveyors are transporting the aluminum cans directly on the belt to the packaging section, we also integrated the conveyors for the outfeed of the packaging station with some case conveyors. 

The new line is now fully in work and is transporting the products from station to station until the very end. This allowed the client to upgrade to a higher production rate and also replace a lot of man power which is a lot more beneficial for them.  From the configuration to the start-up, Storcan has once again please one of our loyal customer.