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décembre 01, 2021

How to create a new complete high speed bottling line?

How to create a new complete high speed bottling line?

Initial situation
Our client, Black Fly, with whom we have already integrated several projects, contacted us to build a new can bottling line in their new factory.

Storcan Solution

The development of a new production line requires a lot of thought and many measurements to establish the industrial plan of the line in 2D. On this project, Storcan worked in collaboration with several partners, including in particular, TMCI Padovan, a recognized manufacturer for this equipment for beverage production.

A combination of several technologies have been proposed in order to have a high speed bottling line up to around 1700CPM:

  • Stainles steel Table-Top & Mat-Top transport and accumulation conveyors, pressureless single filer, can rinser, manufactured in our factory in Châteaugay,
  • An "air knife" can dryer,
  • Zero-pressure accumulation conveyors, from our supplier Hytrol for handling boxes, with EZ logic technology,
  • The largest double-deck pasteurization tunnel in North America from TMCI Padovan - Blendtech.

Our 360 service offer was offered, ranging from consultation, through engineering, project management, installation, control and programming. Once the line officially goes into production, Storcan continues to support the customer with our after-sales service department.

Final results
The customer is once again very satisfied with the personalized solution from Storcan. It now has a high speed can bottling line with innovative, quality and safe equipment. A line that can evolve with Black Fly's production needs over the long term.

Discover the complete line on video here: VIDEO