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septembre 21, 2021

How to optimize your management after the integration of new production equipment?

How to optimize your management after the integration of new production equipment?

Your project is to optimize the performance of your production line. To do this, with the help of an integrator like us, Storcan, you will select and install the best equipment that meets your needs and your constraints. But what about your organizational structure?

How will your employees and your organization adapt to this new equipment? Have you planned in your project sufficient and appropriate group and individual training time?

Our mission at Storcan is to optimize the operational profitability of our customers in the food, bottling and packaging sector by offering them expertise and services to integrate new conveyor systems and innovative equipment on an existing production line or a whole new line.

To go further in this desire to help our clients in their search for performance, we have decided to collaborate with the company ProAction International, which optimizes the management of organizations by improving their operational and financial performance.

ProAction International acts in particular on 3 axes:

  • Leadership development (adoption of better management behaviors, improvement of the employee experience, customized coaching plan),
  • Operational excellence (improved productivity indicator, reduced waste, increased operational agility),
  • The digitalization of management with UTrakk (increase efficiency of managers, management of action plan and priorities, valorization of imputability and collaboration).

UTrakk technology is a real performance relay after the integration of new equipment into a production line. For example, it allows better anticipation of fluctuations in volumes, better management of cleaning and restarting of lines, better monitoring of maintenance and parts requirements, etc.

We already offer within our structure consulting / solution services, engineering, manufacturing, project management, installation and after-sales service, today we want to go even further in our INTEGRATION 360 approach by investing more in people with the support of ProAction International. Thus, we will be able to help our customers generate better operational, organizational and financial outcomes.