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décembre 01, 2021

How to optimize a heavy box palletizing and transport line?

How to optimize a heavy box palletizing and transport line?

Initial situation
Our client needed a new automated solution to transport and palletize his boxes of pork meat (around 50kg / 110lbs) in order to solve the problem of manpower availability and improve the working ergonomics of these employees.

Storcan Solution
Following several meetings with the client, our partner Premier Tech and our solution team recommended a combination of several innovative and sanitary equipment:

  • Our new product, MDR conveyors, 48volt, HERO 1. This system allows precise control of heavy boxes and is an ideal choice in cold and humid environment,

  • “Pop-up” systems and Intralox ARB tecnology have also been integrated to be able to change direction laterally, quickly and in complete safety, the boxes,

  • Storcan manufactured 7 custom-made vertical box conveyors, made of stainless steel, to effortlessly and quickly lift boxes of pork,

  • A robotic cell solution was recommended to complete the last phase of the automated line in terms of palletizing.

To be sure to allow a possible evolution of production in the future, our facilities have been planned for a production increase of 30%, which meets their present and future needs. Our project management teams worked in collaboration with our partner Premier Tech to install a tailor-made turnkey solution.

With our personalized solution and our equipment, the customer now has an innovative and rapid transport and palletizing line for his heavy boxes, adapted to strong hygiene constraints, allowing labor savings and better ergonomics of the workstation. An efficient and secure solution.