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janvier 19, 2022

How to select the right conveyor system for your production line?

How to select the right conveyor system for your production line?

At Storcan, we have been manufacturing and installing conveyor systems for the food, bottling and packaging industries since 1976.

Each project is unique, and our priority remains the same year after year, optimizing the performance and operational profitability of our customers by offering them expertise and quality integration services.

Thus, our teams work with you to determine the conveying solution that best suits your situation. A conveyor that:

  • Transports the product automatically or on demand,
  • Accumulates products until they are needed,
  • Raises or lowers products to different levels.

There are different types of conveyors in the industry, the use of one or the other varies according to:

  • The product you want to transport (weight, bulk or packaged product, texture, etc.),
  • The type of production environment (temperate, cold, hot, sanitary, etc.)
  • Type of cleaning (with a rag, pressure washer, etc.)
  • The configuration of the space and the desired route,
  • Use: transport, accumulate, raise, etc.,
  • The available budget.

Thus, you will understand that on the same production line, you may need different conveyor systems. Conveyors are at the heart of productivity and can increase the efficiency of almost any process in which they are involved (picking, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, etc.), so their choice is a determining factor for the performance of your entire production line.

The main conveyors used at the industrial level are the following:

Belt conveyor

It allows the movement of light to heavy loads depending on its material. They can transport bulk/raw products and packaged products unlike roller conveyors. Some belts are designed to withstand very high temperatures.

There are several types of belt conveyors but here are the 2 main ones that we can find in the agri-food sectors:

  • Smooth belt conveyor: a classic in the rather economical industrial field,
  • Modular belt conveyor (Mat top type): a middle range between chain and belt conveyors. A modular strip is made up of individual plastic modules, usually connected to each other by hinges. Its design means that it requires less maintenance, it is very easy to clean, and links can be replaced quickly and easily. It is also technically easier to set up.

Chain Conveyor ‘’Table Top’’ type

A great classic in the field of high-speed bottling. This conveyor is ideal for transporting glass or plastic bottles or containers. Chains can be straight or side-flexing, plastic or metal.

Roller conveyor

It is mainly used for the transport of packaged products, cartons, boxes, trays, of medium and large sizes. Roller conveyors are very versatile and adapt to different types of load and materials. There are hundreds of roller types. A decisive choice is the type of drive of the conveyor:

  • Free roller conveyors allow the transport of goods by human force or gravity power which is a gently sloping inclined conveyor where the product moves naturally using the gravitational force. They are therefore more suitable for products with a flat and rigid bottom,
  • Motorized roller conveyors work with a motor and allow transport or accumulation. It is an economical and durable solution for transporting products over short or long distances. There are several types, and our partner Hytrol is recognized in the field for this: MDR 24Volt, Chain driven live roller for pallets, Poly-V Belt and Line shaft or the MDR 48Volt that Storcan created in partnership with Interroll.

Chain Conveyor ‘’Drag Chain’’ Type

Chain conveyors are mainly used for heavy loads or those transported at high temperatures. Its robustness makes it possible to transport pallets, heavy crates or large containers. There are conveyors with two, three, four, even five chains and more.


There are many other conveyor systems on the market, and the industry is constantly innovating. Due to this diversity of choices, you must be sure you are well supported in the selection of your conveyor systems by experts in this field.

At Storcan, we manufacture our own conveyor systems in our factory in Châteauguay and we are also an official integrator of Hytrol conveyor systems and approved partner of the Rolling On Interroll program, in Canada. Our teams have designed, manufactured, and installed thousands of conveyors systems for years in the food, bottling and packaging sector. And as each project is unique, we are constantly innovating to provide the most effective solution to our customers.

Whether you need simple conveyor sections or a complete automated conveyor system, contact us for a custom, high-performance solution for your food production, bottling or packaging line.

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