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octobre 10, 2023

The exceptional experience of a long-term employee at Storcan: 34 Years and still just as passionate

The exceptional experience of a long-term employee at Storcan: 34 Years and still just as passionate

At Storcan, the longevity of employees is not a mere coincidence; it is the result of a suitable work environment for professional growth. Today, we have the honor of presenting the inspiring story of Eric Colette, who chose Storcan 34 years ago by chance and ultimately for his professional career.

The Beginning of an Exceptional Adventure
In February 1989, at the age of 18, Éric was in search of his first permanent job after trying various odd jobs. Living in Léry and looking for work in a nearby city, he submitted his resume to Storcan in Châteauguay and quickly received a call from the foreman at the time.

Eric started his job the following Monday as a laborer. At that time, the company had around 15 employees (3 in the offices and the rest in the factory). Eric supported the factory team in their daily tasks, including machining, cutting, and assembly.

After a few months in this role, he began assisting the machinist, and within a year, he became responsible for the machine shop. His resourcefulness and desire to learn pushed him to develop his know-how, an approach which was then supported by Storcan through training.

He remembers, as if it were yesterday, his first significant installation experience that took him to Newfoundland for a month to install a bottling line for a major soda brand. As the company grew, Eric expanded his role to become a team leader, thus training newcomers in spare-parts machining. He managed a small team of 2 people while also continuing to offer his skills and develop his expertise in machining and assembly.


Evolution and Perseverance
When the current owner of Storcan, Jean-Martin Savoie, took over in 2006, the company's structure evolved, offering Eric new responsibilities as a foreman.

Since then, Storcan has continuously expanded its offerings and services, and the factory team has grown. Today, Eric manages a team of 14 people. His responsibilities focus more on production management within the ERP software and ongoing training for his teams of welders, assemblers, and machinists. However, he admits that he still likes machining or assembly to provide support and solutions to his teams.


Challenges and Motivation
Eric appreciates the diversity of his role at Storcan, as it allows him to continuously learn and evolve. He may be required to manage complex production line projects while still working on simple machining tasks.

He finds genuine pleasure in problem-solving, saying, "I enjoy thinking, planning, trying, making mistakes, and correcting them." The introduction of software such as ERP and more "office" work are challenges that he enjoys overcoming.

His favorite motivational phrase, "Never give up, we'll get there," reflects his determination and passion for his profession.


Unwavering Commitment
Eric is undoubtedly one of the best ambassadors of Storcan's value of Commitment. His commitment to the company over all these years is partly explained by his relationship with his colleagues: he appreciates the strong team spirit that prevails and the optimism of the people around him. And even after 34 years of loyal service, he reveals that he still wants to climb the ranks as the company continues to grow; his thirst for exciting challenges does not seem to have waned!

Eric's story at Storcan is an inspiring example of how a company can provide opportunities for growth and professional development to its employees. At Storcan, we are proud to celebrate exceptional career like Éric's and to continue supporting the development of our internal talents.