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mai 09, 2024

Key Strategies to Enhance Agri-food Production Line Performance: Our Essential Tips

Key Strategies to Enhance Agri-food Production Line Performance: Our Essential Tips

With over 45 years of experience in manufacturing and integrating industrial production lines, Storcan has built a robust expertise to assist its clients in achieving their growth objectives. Our teams are driven by turning ideas into reality, transforming needs and problems into solutions, with a constant goal: improving the productivity and profitability of our clients.

In this regard, we asked a critical question to several members of our teams, from various departments including consultation, project management, engineering, automation, and manufacturing: "If you had to give advice to managers of a factory in the agri-food sector to maintain the performance of their production line, what would it be?"

The majority agree on one crucial point: the importance of having a preventive maintenance plan. While maintenance may seem automatic in many factories, like maintaining a car, unfortunately, this is not always the case, which significantly impacts production lines. According to our teams, a preventive maintenance plan, followed by trained operators, is the key to success. You can explore the different types of maintenance and the strategic advantages of preventive maintenance in this article: Strategic Advantages of Preventive or Predictive Maintenance for the Agri-food Industry.

In addition to preventive maintenance, several other strategies can optimize the efficiency of your production line. Here's a non-exhaustive list of tips from our experts:

  • Utilize innovative technologies for remote monitoring and management of the production line (remote diagnostics or troubleshooting).
  • Be able to retrieve direct production line data and learn to control them: if the data are good, controlled, and meaningful, your line is performing well and your products are of quality.
  • Replace outdated equipment with modern technologies.
  • Involve operators in improvement decisions and ensure they are trained and motivated.
  • Maintain optimal inventory stock of spare parts in line with the maintenance plan.
  • Adopt a comprehensive approach to improving the production line rather than focusing solely on specific stations or areas.
  • Seek external experts to optimize line design and integrate new technologies.

The industrial and digital transformation of the agri-food sector presents a unique opportunity to increase the performance and competitiveness of factories. At Storcan, our mission is to accompany our clients in this transformation by providing them with advice and integrating innovative technologies to solve their productivity and profitability challenges. Follow our experts' advice and contact us now to shape the future of your production lines.