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avril 17, 2024

Expert advice for controlling the integration of new equipment

Expert advice for controlling the integration of new equipment

Integrating new equipment into your production or packaging line is a project with numerous challenges to overcome for your operations. There are best practices to follow to ensure that these changes in your processes and habits don't turn into a negative experience.

Storcan's project management team, which accompanies our clients throughout their integration projects, has compiled their best advice to guarantee a smooth and effective transition:


1. Analyze your needs accurately: Before choosing a new production line, clearly identify your requirements in terms of capacity, technology, and flexibility to ensure a seamless integration. Every detail is important, whether it's technical, environmental, or even human or legal.

2. Involve all internal players from the beginning and throughout the project: Transparent communication and collaboration between production, engineering, and project management teams are essential to align objectives and minimize surprises during the integration process.

3. Plan and prepare each step meticulously while being prepared for the unexpected: Establish a detailed schedule that includes installation phases, real production testing, and staff training. Clear planning and preparation reduce delays and production interruptions. At the same time, prepare to manage unforeseen circumstances, especially during the line's production start-up, when mechanical, electrical, or programming adjustments are necessary for optimal performance.

4. Identify all products that will be transported: From the analysis of your needs, it is essential to accurately identify all products that will be transported on the new line. At the production start-up, testing with all these pre-identified products is a prerequisite for correctly configuring the operability of your new equipment.

5. Invest in staff training: A new production line may require new skills and knowledge. Ensure that your team is trained and ready to operate the new technology efficiently.

6. Collaborate with your suppliers: Working collaboratively, having a common goal, and maintaining smooth and transparent communication are the keys to success in this type of project. By sharing information about your reality, constraints, daily challenges, and even doubts, the project manager can be more proactive and effective.

7. Be the conductor between different suppliers: If you decide to engage multiple specialists to integrate your line, communication between each party will be crucial. You must ensure that each suppliers shares their technical information and schedules.


At Storcan, we understand the importance of all these crucial aspects when integrating new production lines. Our team is dedicated to advising and providing not only cutting-edge solutions but also offering personalized support at every step of the process.

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