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février 08, 2023

Automated Bottling Line for glass Bottle Beer

Automated  Bottling Line for glass Bottle Beer

Initial situation

Our customer, one of the leaders in the beer market in North America, wanted to increase its production by adding a new line ranging from the depalletizing system to case packing.

Storcan Solutions

Transporting glass bottles is not easy because they are fragile containers. Their transport through the production line must ensure the stability of the bottle at all times. At Storcan, we have the expertise to adapt our systems to this type of container on high-speed lines, like here at 1200 bottles/min.

Our teams have designed and integrated the following technologies:

  • Several sections of stainless steel Table Top type chain conveyors, ideal for the transport of empty or full bottles, from the depalletizer, through the filling and capping system, to the boxing,
  • Ambaflex accumulation spiral for empty bottles, having the great advantage of being able to accumulate a large volume of bottle in little space.

Our teams were also managed controlling, programming and commissioning this new line. Our customer, with this new automated line of glass bottles, can remain competitive while offering quality beer.