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janvier 31, 2023

How to improve the management of your spare parts inventory?

How to improve the management of your spare parts inventory?

Reduce your unplanned production downtime by stocking critical spare parts.

 A stock of spare parts can contribute significantly to reducing unplanned production downtime in the event of a breakdown; but managing the stock level can be a difficult exercise, your company must have a sufficient number of critical parts without "over-stocking".

The long delivery times that we are currently experiencing accentuate the importance of prevention instead of acting urgently. The challenge is then to find a good compromise between the sizing of stocks and the level of service expected.

Here are our 5 tips for building up your stock of spare parts:

  1. Your budget: It is important to define in advance the amount of the budget to be invested. The quantity available will allow you to know which types and values ​​of parts to favor in your stock,
  2. Critical parts: A part is considered critical if its defect leads to a downtime or a significant slow in your production rate,
  3. Average life of the part: The shorter this duration, the more important is to have it in stock. However, this does not exclude those whose lifetime is longer if it is considered critical for example.
  4. Availability: Not all parts are easily stored, let alone for several months. Several factors can affect the delivery time, such as whether it is a standard or custom part or its geographical origin.
  5. Number of repetitions of the same spare-part: if the same spare-part is repeated several times on the same machine or on your production line, the risk of failure is higher. In addition, by having such an item in stock, you will have better risk coverage insofar as this same spare-part is found in several places.

Preventive maintenance of your production line will ensure better optimization of your stock of spare parts. Since the operations are planned in advance, it is easier to determine their quantity.

As a manufacturer and integrator of production lines and with our offer of 360 integration services, Storcan supports your teams in their daily performance and productivity challenges. We can assist you in building up and managing your stock of spare parts. For more information, contact us via