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SPINTECH - Food Spiral Systems

SPINTECH - Food Spiral Systems

A division of Storcan, Spintech is your one-stop-shop for years of food processing know-how, innovative and custom technologies, and a team of driven experts.

We provide a wide selection of technologies that have been designed specifically for proofing, cooling, and freezing foods in compliance with the highest food safety standards.

Committed to excellence and your success

  • Over 45 years of know-how in the food industry and in production solutions for industrial environments
  • Thousands of successful projects across North America
  • Flexible and compact spiral conveyor technology that has been designed to optimize air circulation and facilitate maintenance 
  • Comprehensive and sustainable CO2 refrigeration solutions, carbon dioxide being a natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly refrigerant with high cooling capacity
  • Expertise from a master baker to help you customize your solution
  • Over 30 dedicated technicians available to provide top-notch operational and technical support both in the United States and in Canada
  • Customer-centric consultants who provide personalized advice and assistance

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Flexible, compact and optimized tecnology main

Flexible, compact and optimized tecnology

The design of this equipment, with its external drum motor and a co-molded stainless steel-polymer belt system, has many benefits.

  • Numerous configurations, such as a round or an oval shape with spiral’s entry and exit at the same level or not
  • Easy adaptation to the facility and high production capacity in a confined area
  • Optimized air circulation and low energy consumption
  • No blind spots, easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy repair because no need to weld or cut steel, reduced maintenance costs
  • No belt tension, less wear and low noise.


Proofing, Cooling and Freezing Spirals main

Proofing, Cooling and Freezing Spirals

Spintech’s spirals are flexible and can suit a variety of applications. They are perfectly tailored to production lines for bakery products, ready-to-serve meals, dairy products, meat, fish, as well as fruit and vegetables.

Proofing spirals
Proofing is a very gentle process that requires well-defined parameters. Our spirals ensure precise control of temperatures and humidity through their ultrasonic adiabatic humidification system, providing the right level of humidity and the desired temperature. Their quality and precision prevent bakery products from sticking or changing in shape during the process.

Cooling spirals
The flexibility of our technology allows for both ambient cooling and forced air cooling (which quickly lowers the temperature), each with its own features and benefits.

Deep-freezing spirals
The best food preservation technique for unaltered quality, aromas, and nutritional values. Our spirals can operate according to a daily cycle or on a continuous 24/7 cycle with sequential defrost

Connected System for more fluide performance main

Connected System for more fluide performance

Imagine a system that communicates with those who use it. This is your new reality!

Connected systems make operators’ daily routine easier and help save time and money.

• Remote management and control from a smartphone or computer

• Alert notifications if problems occu

CO2 refrigeration, efficiency and strategic choice main

CO2 refrigeration, efficiency and strategic choice

Our solutions can be calibrated for three types of refrigerants: the synthetic fluid Freon™ brand, as well as ammonia and CO2, two natural fluids. Due to its numerous advantages, we tend to recommend transcritical CO2 in our solutions:

  • Classified as a high-security refrigerant, non-flammable, low toxicity (A1 Class)
  • High thermal conductivity and density, allowing proper heat transfer in evaporators, condensers, and coolers
  • Affordable
  • Wide operating temperature range and more precise control
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Longer equipment lifespan thanks to non-corrosive CO2


Spintech collaborates with Zero-C, an expert in tailor-made refrigeration, to offer turnkey refrigeration solutions. Their experts know all about refrigeration and will design the system that best fits your needs.

Their philosophy is consistent with our values: creating customized, high-performance, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly solutions.

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