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Dividers and combiners

To sort or merge your products on our conveyor, slat lane dividers and combiners offer all the flexibility you need to process units at high speed in continuous motion. Storcan provides solutions that are modular and that can be customized to fit your production line so that you can optimize your speed, size and configuration. 

Thanks to our expertise in conveyor systems we can combine dividers with upstream devices to sort or collate your products as needed. Dividers can also be used to manage your product flow, optimize the loading of your conveyored production systems or prepare layering for palletizing or packaging. 

Multilane dividers

Product sorting on your line with multilane dividers will allow you to move unstable products such as bottles and containers at high speeds from one lane to multiple lanes.

Multilane dividers can be used to divide bottles into multiple lanes for packaging processes, to develop a matrix for top loader packaging machines, to build palletizer layers, to select and balance outlet lanes, and many other uses. 


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