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Do you need to cool your products in a limited space? Our Unique Spiral Technology allows flexible design like no others.

We have been working for several years with our partner Tecnopool who offers innovative technology with tailor-made configurations for the food industry. The T-WORTH conveyor system used in their spiral is patented and completely manufactured in their factory in Italy.

Choose between an ambient cooling that suits all types of food and forced air room cooling.

Ambient cooling is fine for any type of product, offering best performance and using less space without any production restrictions.

Forced-air is ideal when temperature must be lowered quickly. Precision controls allow fine tuning of the process and impeccable conditions of hygiene.

This kind of system is built to suit your specific needs. Air filters and humidity control together with thermal insulation deliver bespoke solutions for any type of food.

Feel free to call our team to know more about this tecnology and create the best solution for your needs.

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