Automatic Strapping Machine

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Compatible foods

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Fish and Seafood


Discover our new automated strapping machine to close and strap your boxes of different sizes while respecting the highest sanitary standards.


The Storcan HERO 3 case strapper is a fully automatic case strapper that seals boxes with ½ or 3/8 nylon strap in random order without an operator.
It can seal both small and large cases and automatically adjusts to sizes randomly.
This equipment is very easy to use and maintain and has been specially designed for sanitary environments (ip69). Several strapping machines can be installed inside the enclosure.

  • Random Case Strapping: This machine will automatically adjust its settings to close and strap cases in the full range of case sizes in any random sequence. It can operate on small and large crates at speeds of up to 20 crates per minute. If you already have a case strapping machine, it can be mounted inside our own equipment.
  • Ease of use: these machines are designed with clear access, simple controls and quick adaptation to size changes. The machines are operator friendly and allow quick and easy size changing, cleaning and maintenance to ensure minimal machine downtime.
  • Rugged Construction: High quality components housed in a rugged frame ensure minimal maintenance and allow 24-hour operation. These systems are designed for the rigors of typical end-of-line packaging environments.


Case Dimensions

The HERO3 can handle cases 6-19" wide, 8-32" long, and 6-18" high


Up to 20 cases per minute depending on the number of straps needed

Strap size

½ & 3/8 nylon strap

Mechanical finish

304 stainless steels

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