Industrial and Commercial Bread Slicing machines

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Industrial and Commercial Bread Slicing machines

Industrial and commercial slicing machines for bakery products have to meet a wide range of demands and working environments. Breads come in all shapes and sizes, and each bread needs the right cut. At Storcan, we work with the best suppliers so that you can be confident your equipment will perform reliably and for many years.


Ultrasonic slicer

If you need to prevent deformation during cutting of soft or sticky doughs, of baked goods or for extruded dough slicing, an ultrasonic slicer supplied by Storcan will be the tool you can count on. And because you are dealing with Storcan, you know it will easily integrate in your production line.


Horizontal bakery slicer

For a slice with a continuous blade that delivers a perfect cut, a horizontal slicer is capable of handling a variety of different breads at high speed.


Continuous band slicer

When cutting baked goods at high speed, a continuous band slicer can keep up with your production rate.


Reciprocating bread slicer

A reciprocating slicer can be semi-automatic or automatic with a conveyor. There are models that can deal with biscuits, different loaf sizes, shapes and crust textures.


Decrusting slicer

For continuous decrusting of conveyorized bread loaves, a decrusting slicer will fit in your automated production line and can be integrated on your line along with a band slicer or a packing solution.

Whatever your bread slicing needs, our engineers have a range of solutions at hand to help you ship a perfectly sliced loaf. Contact them today for advice or for a quote.