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LM spa systems & equipment are unique and suitable for a wide range of products and markets. In addition, they can be integrated in different ways.


The dividers and combiners with slats LM allow a fast and continuous conveying, as well as sorting or amalgamation of the products conveyed.
Since we use a modular design process, this allows us to quickly and reliably manufacture more than 150 units per year, and we are able to meet your specific format, configuration and speed requirements.
The markets we typically serve include food and beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and logistics. The applications and uses of LM dividers and combiners are unlimited.
Common applications include:

  • Sorting and assembling to different rows according to the signal from one or more upstream devices such as checkweighers, metal detectors, barcode scanners and Vision systems (multiple devices can be used to sorting or assembly required, depending on the divider configuration).
  • The balancing of the goods conveyed to downstream machines
  • The connection between a variety of upstream machines with downstream machines according to various capacities
  • Tuning refrigeration, cooling or cooking conveyor tunnels by laterally moving the product to fill unused areas of the belt system.
  • Stage preparation for palletizing or secondary packaging (which may include an upstream spinner to rotate the crates as needed to maintain staging patterns).


The LM multi-belt dividers or splitters are the only ones that are able to quickly sort unstable products from one to several rows.
The main markets where they are employed are food and beverages as well as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal hygiene, detergents and petrochemicals.
The main applications are:

  • The distribution of unstable products in several rows for secondary packaging processes (cardboard packaging, heat shrink, wrapping)
  • Distribution of unstable products to develop a matrix for top-loading packaging machines
  • The distribution of unstable products for stacking by palletizers.
  • The selection and balancing of exit routes according to various criteria (color, label, flavor ...) for the secondary packaging containing various products in established quantities.

The control of the main movements is done by means of servomotors allowing a fast format change, which makes this type of machines particularly suitable for multi-format lines.
In addition to dispatchers, LM can provide other product handling systems such as rockers (overturning systems), product pivot systems (90 ° or 180 °) and stackers.