Rinsing, filling and capping systems for the bottling industry

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Rinsing, filling and capping systems for the bottling industry

From rinsing to filling and capping, the first objective is never to alter the properties of the product. The highest standards should always be set to make sure that the end result is never compromised.


Monobloc rinser filler capper

In the case of a monobloc rinser with fixed nozzle, the rinsing occurs in a single treatment: with liquid, with gas, or by a double treatment with liquid. The system is designed for continuous operation. A mobile nozzle rinser will use two or three treatments with liquid or gas. A sanitizing liquid, filtered water and a rare gas could be used for example.


Gravity filler, low vacuum filler and isobaric filler

The main purpose of such a system is to ensure stability of the product, protection from oxidation and protection from contamination. This is essential to protect the organoleptic properties of the product as well as to preserve shelf-life.
The isobaric filling systems are designed to ensure a zero increase of the oxygen in the liquid through the use of overpressure. Volumetric dosing can also be applied.


Cappers for the bottling industry

At Storcan, we work with leading manufacturers of capping systems with cork, screw cap, press-on caps or crown caps. Our systems are easy to set up and will adjust to various production speeds. Accuracy, performance, and ease of operation are always a priority.



The same principles of quality and ease of operation apply to our polylaminate, pvc or heat-shrinkable capsulers. Our systems will always easily integrate with your production line and perform at the speeds that you require.


Horizontal and lowerator rinser

Our bespoke rinsing solution diverts and returns products without losing cycle time. They are first diverted from the conveyor to the air rinser from a pre-determined angle to provide maximum optimization of your layout. They are then taken by a side gripper belt chain, overturned, aerated, set upright and finally reintroduced on the packaging line. Dust is sucked into a sealed receptacle by means of a vacuum.

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