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Rincing solution

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Products are diverted from the conveyor to the air rinser from a pre-determined angle to provide maximum optimization of your layout. They are then taken by pinching, overturning, aerating, setting upright and reintroduced onto the packaging line without losing cycle time. Dust is sucked into a sealed receptacle by means of a vacuum.

  • Setup : Fast change-overs (less than a minute) accurately dialed in by a single crank lever.
  • Chains : Gripper chains, specifically chosen for a variety of products and materials to be handled.
  • Motors : Dual synchronized motors.
  • Air system : Ionized air jet propulsion system using oriented nozzles. The system is adjustable for different product heights.
  • Lexan : Lexan and stainless steel protective covers on the rinser.


  • Speeds up to 350 strokes / min depending on the type and shape of container *
  • 2 motors with torque limiter
  • Noise level 75 DB 1 bar
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Dimensions (L x W x ht) can vary slightly from 10'x3'x
  • Structural frame: Stainless Steel
  • Recovery basin for impurities and water
  • Doors with safety interlock
  • Control panel (optional)
  • Pre-wiring of the unit to the junction box or control panel.