Proofing, cooling and deep-freezing

Produits Storcan

Proofing, cooling and deep-freezing

We have proofing, cooling and deep-freezing solutions that can be integrated into your automated production line or used as stand-alone room solutions. Whatever the scale of your needs, our engineers will help you find the equipment you need.


Spiral conveyor proofing, cooling and freezing

Spiral cooler
Choose between an ambient cooling that suits all types of food and forced air room cooling. A spiral cooler opens the door to mass production even when space is limited.  Ambient cooling is fine for any type of product, offers best performance and uses less space without any production restrictions.
Forced-air is ideal when temperature must be lowered quickly. Precision controls allow fine tuning of the process and impeccable conditions of hygiene. 
This kind of system is built to suit your specific needs. Air filters and humidity control together with thermal insulation deliver tailored solutions for any type of food.


Spiral proofing and freezing

The same technology can be applied to proofing and freezing. The natural proofing process does not alter the product properties and there is no sticking on the exposed surface to preserve the shape. 
With precise management of temperature, humidity, and time, perfect results can be achieved consistently. Uninterrupted conveying avoids vibrations and can support bulk food or pans and containers.
Modular settings can be adjusted for specific products, properties and end results.


Room cold storage and proofing

Our room cold storage, deep freezing, proofing, blast chilling and fast chilling solutions are designed to give you reliable operation with all the features you want, such as quality insulation for low energy consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance.  Precise management of temperature, humidity, and time will ensure you always get the results you are after.