Product Inspection and quality control

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Product Inspection and quality control

Product inspection and quality control are essential when it comes to reducing waste, guaranteeing safety standards and increasing your profits. At Storcan, we have the experience and the product range that your production line needs to deliver. We will help you maximize uptime and keep you safe from damaging product recalls and health scares that can seriously impact your reputation. 

Our experienced engineers will find the best solutions to integrate product inspection and quality control systems at your facility. We offer a complete range of state of the art checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Precision checkweighers to increase productivity

Storcan checkweighing solutions are available for all types of applications, from standard configurable handling for the food industry to advanced customizable options in dry, harsh or wet production environments.

We also offer integrated checkweighing and metal or x-ray detector solutions in some of the industry’s most compact designs. Find out how our team can increase your productivity with enhanced precision weighing. 


Product safety inspection metal detectors

Metal contaminants are the most common threat to safety in the food production industry. If you are serious about meeting and improving your safety standards, Storcan’s expertise is the partner you need. 

Our range of tunnel, gravity fall, vertical and pipeline metal detector solutions is sure to bring the most efficient and reliable technology to your production line. Metal detectors with increased sensitivity allow detection and rejection of even the smallest metal contaminants. We know your reputation and your productivity rely on dependability and efficiency. Ask our experts for advice with your specific application.


X-ray inspection systems for quality assurance

Protect your brand and your customers with an x-ray contamination system from Storcan. We have x-ray inspection solutions that maximize production uptime. 

With specific solutions for glass containers, canned containers and packaged products with foil or metallized film packaging, Storcan has the right equipment for you. Our extensive knowledge of production line design and optimization will ensure your peace of mind and optimal productivity. Get in touch with our team of engineers today.