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Carryline conveyor systems are constructed from easy-to-assemble modules. It is possible to combine these modules / components in various ways. This makes it easy to modify any system when the need arises. As a result, your installation can adapt and grow depending on your production!


Carryline conveyor systems are easy to assemble using standard hand tools. Our aluminum conveyors do not require welding. Thus, it is possible to make changes without violating the requirements in terms of cleanliness of the work environment. The installation is always simple and fast. Similarly, you can always change your system quickly and easily.

Our rule is to provide already assembled systems. This reduces installation time and cost. What's more, it gives the customer the opportunity to see and test the equipment before delivery. Of course, the conveyor systems can easily adapt to existing production lines.


Carryline's standard conveyor system is available in 6 different widths. It is based on stainless steel or aluminum profiles. The articulated conveyor chain is normally made of plastic but we can also supply a steel variant.

  • Aluminum: The chains move on extruded aluminum profiles that are designed using our own molds. These profiles are anodized to ensure good resistance to corrosion. In addition, our chains do not need to be lubricated. Therefore, our systems are excellent for environments where the requirements for cleanliness are strict.
  • Stainless steel: It is used mainly in food production where the hygiene criteria are severe or when the conveyors must be rinsed and washed.
  • Plastic: Our chains are injection molded using our own equipment. Polyoxymethylene (POM - also called acetal) is the standard material for our chains, but other plastics can be used to meet specific needs. Most of our chains have stainless steel rods. However, they can also be made entirely of plastic. The system can then be used in conjunction with metal detectors without the risk of triggering false alarms.
  • Vertical Conveyors: We offer a wide range of various vertical conveyors.
  • Larger chains: We also manufacture conveyor belts and modular conveyor belts. As such, the width of the belt can be adapted to your needs. These types of conveyors are also based on Carryline's standard profile system.


We manufacture the majority of the components of our system ourselves, which allows us to have full quality control at all phases. Thus, we are sure to deliver high quality products. Another positive effect of this: we can fine tune our delivery times.

In-house manufacturing also means that we can be very flexible and adapt to the needs of each customer. If a component needs to be modified or even designed and manufactured, we will do it. We simply manufacture the tools needed to build new components. Finding solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer presents no problem.

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