Industrial dough Mixer, lifter and dumper

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Industrial dough Mixer, lifter and dumper

Dough mixers must repeatedly deliver quality batches of your product with reliable and consistent results. 
We offer a range of mixing machines that will optimize any of your recipes and ready your dough for the next processing step.  Specialty mixers for different types of dough and batter can produce the right consistency you are looking for. Combined with the right lifter dumper, we have machines that will offer the perfect result and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your production line.


Dough mixers

Every recipe is different and so are our mixing solutions! Single spiral or double spiral mixers to reduce the warming of the dough let you manage your oxidation and mixing time for a superior quality dough. Our fork mixers are able to handle the delicate process of traditional bread making, specialty bread or Viennese pastry. We know reliability and durability are essential qualities especially when working with heavier bagel or pizza doughs. We only work with the most respected brands in the industry so that maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum, allowing you to focus on the quality of your output. 


Batter and cream turbo mixer

Controlling the right amount of air is just as essential when emulsifying batters or cream. We know how to bring consistent results to all your creams and liquid batters, and how to make sure this consistency is safely integrated into your production line. Time is of the essence and at Storcan we have a unique expertise to make sure there are no compromises on your line.


Industrial dough lifter

Removable mixing bowls can be manually or automatically lifted and discharged efficiently on your line. The lifting and discharging can be entirely programmed for a process that reduces maintenance and increases efficiency. Ask our engineers how your recipe can benefit from Storcan’s mixing, lifting, and dumping solutions.