Labeling and sleeving

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Labeling and sleeving

The choice of a labeling or sleeving system depends on the type of label you require, the speed of your production line, and many other parameters such as shape and material of the container to be labelled, and other factors. At Storcan we provide a wide range of machines to cater to different needs. We are experts at developing and optimizing labeling and sleeving solutions that add value to your production line.


Linerless roll fed self-adhesive labeler

Wrap-around pre-glued labels can be applied from a rotary linerless roll-fed self-adhesive labeler.  This labeler can handle cylindrical as well as shaped containers (rectangular, square, oval and so on). The labels can be applied to the container before or after filling, at production speeds up to 1.000 bpm. This type of labeler avoids many problems such as deposit issues and high maintenance associated with other labeling solutions. The pre-glued labels also eliminate the need for regular cutting adjustment. The thermal-shrinkable pre-glued roll-fed films allow excellent labeling of shaped containers. Overall, it makes for an efficient, cost saving labeling solution.


Hot melt labeler

Rotary hot melt labelling machines are ideal for the application of wrap-around precut paper or plastic labels.  Our machines feature continuous control of the amount of glue dispensed as well as the temperature, reducing wastage and optimizing label transfer.
They come with two independent glue groups, one to distribute glue on the container and the other to glue the overlapping part of the label. Label change operations are simplified for quick and easy formatting without the use of tools. 


Cold glue labeler

Rotary cold glue labeling machine are suitable for the application of partial or wrap-around labels. Different options include linear labelers with 1 or 2 counterposed labeling stations for rectangular or square boxes, and linear labelers with fixed or mobile magazine for the application of partial or wrap-around labels on cylindrical containers only. Other machines can handle both cylindrical and shaped containers such as specialist rotary cold glue labeling machines that apply “L” or “U” shaped tax stamps or safety seals


Modular labeler

If you have to deal with changing labeling requirements, a modular labeling machine can evolve with your needs. Carts and fixed stations are available for any kind of technology. Modular labeling machines have from 3 to 5 stations for combinations of cold glue, self-adhesive, hot melt, hot melt roll-fed and Adhesleeve for pre-glued labels.
This extremely flexible solution can grow with your needs and adapts to changes to your products, marketing requirements and other considerations.



Storcan also offers automatic sleeve applicator solutions with thermal shrinking tunnel. Sleeves can be applied to empty or full containers of any material, shape and size, with a shrinkage percentage up to 80%.
The use of sleeves maximize the surface of the container that can be used for labeling purposes.


Wrap labeler

Wrap labelers can apply a single full or partial wrap label as well as oriented labels to a wide variety of cans, bottles, and other containers. They can be used on round glass, plastic, metal and paper containers. Features such as self-diagnosing Sentient Software, automatic label calibration, servo motors and off-the-shelf electronics all contribute to achieve high performance levels and lower maintenance costs.


Front and back labeler

Our front and back labeling machines come with two high speed servo labeling heads. They manage front, front and back labels, as well as multi-panel and even full wrap labels. Front and Back Servo labeling heads deliver positioning accuracy to 1/32”. They are compatible with a wide range of container materials and shapes and offer a fast high precision labeling solution.

You can count on our engineers to analyse your needs and advise you on the most suitable and profitable labeling solution. Get in touch today.