Produits Storcan


Your depalletizing process should integrate seamlessly with your production line. Depending on your type of product and the kind of depalletizing you require, the experts at Storcan can help you find the right solution for you.


Semi-automatic depalletizing

A semi-automatic depalletizing solution is an efficient system to handle large quantities of bottles, glass containers and cans at up to 200 cpm. A manually activated drive-wheel unloading station and a semi-automatic hydraulic platform will give you the right balance of efficiency and manual control to speed up your depalletizing process.


Low level infeed depalletization robot

A low-level infeed depalletization robot can empty EC or filled FC cans, jars and bottles using a magnetic head (PM) or an empty head (PV). Multiple products can be depalletized at the same time. The same robot can be used for different tasks thus ensuring totally automatic and flexible handling of layer pads, top frames and pallets from a low level to the next.


Depalletization robot for empty and filled cans, empty bottles

The robot depalletizes multiple products at the same time, and handles layer pads, top frames and pallets. It will adjust to your conveyor system, and our Storcan engineers can help you design a complete solution. Contact them today.